More Dr. Who Party

Last weekend we had our 12 year old’s Dr. Who party at Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk.


I made an effort to have some cool Dr. Who themed treats and a neat Tardis backdrop along with some printables.  I will be making Dr. Who printables available for free download soon.  In the meantime, here are the free custard cupcake wrappers.



I am putting the Tardis printables below here for FREE. The only one I didn’t list here is the “police telephone” sign that I used. I may do it in an update with a file you can type the birthday person’s name in.

St. John Ambulance Sign (print 1)
Tardis Windows (print 4)
Wood Grain Panels 1 & Wood Grain Panels 2 (print 3 each)
Black Public Call sign (print 1)

I also want to do a tutorial on how I made it, but I haven’t had time yet. Here is the quick and dirty details:

I used an old tri-fold board that my son had used for a science project.  I cut one of the cardboard flaps off one side and added it to the other side. This gave me two equal sections instead of three.  I made the top out of cardboard boxes cut into the shape of the tardis roof and covered the whole thing in blue construction paper.  I added black construction paper at the top to give me the Public Call box area, and then used the printables to add details.

Check out my previous post on how to make the fish finger cookies. I decided for the custard cupcakes, that a white chocolate ganache would look best. What I should have done though, since I used chocolate cupcakes, is to lightly frost the chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream frosting before  attempting to dip them in ganache.  It would have made the coverage easier.


For the Dalek cupcakes, I used printables from Wyzant on Deviant Art. Instead of dying the frosting all different colors, I used colored ganache to dip the frosting. It was MESSY, but cute enough. Recipe for microwave ganache can be found here.


I was really determined to make cool cookies this time.  The Daleks turned out the best, and I did not get a good up-close picture of them (figures).



I think they were cute. The only drawback to cookie cupcake toppers is that they are heavy. So make them small if possible.

The cake was a simple round cake with buttercream frosting. I printed mini figures of Dr. Who, Clara and my son with a “happy birthday” sign to add decoration to the cake, and used one of the Tardis cookies to make it look like the Tardis had landed on the cake.  I am not a baker, but this was fun to do, and it looked pretty good too.

If I had had more time, I would have used some of these amazing Dr. Who paper craft printables from Cyberdrone on Deviant Art, but my week didn’t turn out like I had imagined.

If you want to see more pictures, check out my post on Catch My Party.

Glee full printable party *FREE*

Hello friends!

Better late than ever, I always say!

Here it is – the full Glee printable party – FREEBIE!  Chock full of text boxes for you to customize on your own for your next Season-Ender (or Premiere) party or birthday.


(click on the top right “download” button!)

  • Customizable invitations
  • Customizable address labels
  • Cupcake wrappers
  • 2 1/2″ party circles
  • Banquet table tags
  • Customizable banner
  • 4 different colored favor boxes
  • Water bottle wrappers
  • Welcome Sign

Here’s some images so that you can get a peek at what’s inside.

Cupcake Toppers

Welcome Sign

Banquet Table Tags

Multi-Colored Favor Boxes

If you would like me to customize this printable by adding a picture of your favorite Gleek, modify the invitation and welcome sign, etc.  email me at  Otherwise, party on!



Adventure Time! Free Printable Party

I am getting ready for my son’s 10th birthday, and this year we are NOT having it at home.  For the first time in a LONG TIME, we are opting for a package birthday party at a local place called TeamWorks.  It’s a pretty awesome place, and the kids get to jump around in a bouncy house, then play video games, eat pizza and play other team-games like dodge ball.  Easier for me – no cleanup to worry about.
One of Luke’s favorite shows is Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, which goes awesome with a fun place like TeamWorks!  I am passing along this package of printables that I whipped up as a freebie to you, since Cartoon Network has not come out with their own party themed stuff.   But if you’re a fan, I hope you are thoroughly JAZZED by this freebie!
(If you’re having trouble downloading the all-in-one file, try these links instead [BELOW])

Keep scrolling for images of the files
Invitation 8 1/2 x 11 full page
Closeup of invitation
Welcome sign (8×10 Frameable)
Closeup of banner lettering (4 1/4 x 5.5)
Example of 8 1/2 x 11 banner page (4 banner flags per page)
Full happy birthday banner
Banquet/Dessert table tags
Closeup of Jake table tag
Closeup of Princess Bubblegum table tag
Cupcake wrappers
2″ Cupcake toppers/party circles
Water bottle wrappers
Drink flags

UPDATE! 2/3/13
One seriously awesome follower on Facebook, Sommer, shared these beautiful printables with me last week.  HOW SWEET!  So, I’m passing them along.  She used them to put onto party hats that she made from construction paper.  They are most definitely multi-purpose.  Here’s a peek…
Fullscreen capture 232013 104042 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 232013 104137 AM.bmp
I also want to share with you some pretty awesome resources I found while compiling stuff for the party.
Here is the Cartoon Network site which has printable and foldable characters of the whole Adventure Time crew!
The fonts I used you can download for free at  They are Immortal and Bearpaw (although Brushstroke or Scratch My Back would have also worked).
Here’s some free cool tattered banners that I used in the invitation
Here’s a great blog with all kinds of Adventure Time stuff
Here’s a bunch of graphics that I used to make the printables plus a few extra
Here’s the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel where you can watch clips of the show

Freebie Roundup Summer/Fall 2011

I am taking this week off to get my life ready for back to school, holidays and some upcoming special events.  When I come back, I’ll share more stuff I’m working on, more geeky fun and adventures, and most importantly: more freebies.

Before I go, I want to do a freebie roundup of all the freebies from my blog.  We will be combining my blog with my main website, and I will make sure I have a freebie page with links to the Clickable Party freebie universe!

(full printable on its way via Catch My Party)

Stay tuned for free Flintstone birthday printables and Mario Brothers birthday printables!

Clickable Party

The Moomins {Geeky Fun}

I’ve recently come across this phenomenon known as The Moomins, which was originally a children’s book series and comic strip by Swedish/Finnish author, Tove Jansson beginning in 1945.  These are hugely popular and beloved by many – much to my surprise, since I am a huge children’s book fan and had never even heard of the Moomins until a couple of weeks ago!

The books are adorable, and eventually became a stop-motion TV show (in the spirit of Rankin/Bass, but a bit softer) and a cartoon.  The charm factor reminds me a bit of Winnie the Pooh (one of my all-time favorites).

In Finland, there is even a theme park for children called Moominworld.

Remember my Waymarking post?  Well, there is even a Waymarking Group dedicated to logging Moomin sightings!  So fun!

Have you ever heard of the Moomins?  Share your experiences in the comments, or tell me about your favorite children’s books!

We have one children’s book inspired printable – Pinkalicious! Maybe it’s time for a Moomin inspired printable!

Clickable Party

Fourth of July {Party time!} and special birthday

We had a fab time on the Fourth with my family up in Maine (knew we would)!  We had a very special birthday, and celebrated the 4th in style with Maine Lobster!
  Here’s the gang!
 The t-shirts! That’s my aunt and my mom.
Mike and Lucy

The newlyweds.
 Play pass the baby!😀
 Auntie’s turn!
 My turn!
  Mommy’s turn!
Dessert table.  Maine to Florida Patriotic color scheme for my Uncle’s birthday!
 The cake.
 I tried to make one of those cute mini-banners, and it was a bit wonky, but still cute.
Setting up.

The feast begins.
Sisters from another mister.
There’s the birthday boy! 
Birthday blueberry muffins.
 Lots o’candles.

Flag cake…Yum!
 The view of the lake.
Awesome family time!  Tomorrow we’re off to DC for a couple of weeks. If I see some great party stuff, I will be sure to share it!