Percy Jackson Birthday {Inspiration!}

I came across this blog post from Make it Do from a couple of years ago for a Percy Jackson Birthday Party, but still…what a fun party idea!  Her blog graciously describes all the fabulous details from crafts to activities and even a great scavenger hunt idea!

I feel a printable birthday theme coming on!  :D  Stop by Make it Do and see all her amazing sewing/cooking/cleaning/making/kids ideas, and don’t forget to say hello!
In the comments, tell me what kind of birthday theme you would like to see in my shop!

The Moomins {Geeky Fun}

I’ve recently come across this phenomenon known as The Moomins, which was originally a children’s book series and comic strip by Swedish/Finnish author, Tove Jansson beginning in 1945.  These are hugely popular and beloved by many – much to my surprise, since I am a huge children’s book fan and had never even heard of the Moomins until a couple of weeks ago!

The books are adorable, and eventually became a stop-motion TV show (in the spirit of Rankin/Bass, but a bit softer) and a cartoon.  The charm factor reminds me a bit of Winnie the Pooh (one of my all-time favorites).

In Finland, there is even a theme park for children called Moominworld.

Remember my Waymarking post?  Well, there is even a Waymarking Group dedicated to logging Moomin sightings!  So fun!

Have you ever heard of the Moomins?  Share your experiences in the comments, or tell me about your favorite children’s books!

We have one children’s book inspired printable – Pinkalicious! Maybe it’s time for a Moomin inspired printable!

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