Hunger Games Birthday

Although I was missing my favorite sister who is also my best photographer and detailer, I managed to get my son’s party completed. We ran a little late, and the backdrops were slightly off center, but the food was great and the kids seemed to have a blast. “Next time” I will make my posters on the backdrops a whole lot bigger! But I think it had a good earthy dystopian urban decay feel, with lots of metal, wicker and burlap!
It’s difficult to plan an appropriate birthday party for a boy who is turning 12, that can keep up with earlier awesome parties such as capture the flag, letterboxing etc. with 20 kids. I think we did it though! We were considering doing a “Minute to win it” party (maybe next year), but my son loved the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and once I read it I understood why. Definitely a pre-teen and up age level appropriateness, but we figured out rated G activities, such as “last man standing dodgeball.”
Banquet Table

Closeup of banquet table

dsc07996_standardDessert Table

Close up of cupcakes
For more pix and info about our day, see my post at Catch My Party, Seth’s BIG 12!

Marie was featured on Catch My Party! :D

Our purple cheer party is being featured today in the rotating banner on Catch My Party! Woot!

Click here to see it in action!
Thanks so much guys! It is always an honor!

Two *new* parties {in a box}


This is a sneak peek at two themes we have recently finished for custom parties {in a box}. A cheerleading theme and a travel theme “Wish you were here.”

Tomorrow I’ll be posting our 2nd Halloween party theme called, “Trick or treat!”

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Clickable Party

Lori’s Party {in a box}

We sent a very special party in a box for a very special lady, Lori Graham Bakker, that was sent as a surprise!

Lori has touched so many lives, and always takes the time to make others feel special. It was an honor to send her a party in a box to help her family celebrate her.

They sent us some great pix – check them out!

That smile says it all!

Lori’s theme is available for download and for Party {in a box} orders!

{Clickable Party}

Madison’s Party {in a box}

We put together a party in a box for my niece, Madison, and thought I’d share the pix!


Cupcake toppers, embellished.

Plates, cups and ribbon.

Party poster.
Cupcake wrappers.

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Capture the Flag

We had a birthday party with team games for our two big guys! My sister and mom helped me string up the balloons and lanterns with fishing line. It came out great!

We asked on the invitation for everyone to bring their favorite squirt gun, had plenty of water balloons on hand, and lots and lots of food!

Red and blue Mountain Dew for the theme, lemonade and plenty of water to drink.

We provided a beading station for the girls or kids who just needed a break from the excitement, and customizable dog tags from Oriental Trading Company (these were a huge hit!).

I found the red and blue “army men” at the Dollar Tree and also the big army guys we used to hold the food tags.

Along with capture the flag, we had a sack-race relay, a hula-hoop relay, and short team-style version of frisbee golf. For more ideas for team-games in the backyard, check out this article from Suite-101.

I had a bit of a debacle with the cake, so I made a giant cupcake wrapper out of construction paper for a quick fix. This worked great, except that the frosting bled through in places. The kids didn’t seem to mind though!

Happy birthday, big guys!