Free Design Programs

Hello friends, it’s been a while!  For those of you don’t know, I have not been posting because I had a major (catastrophic) failure of the hard drive where all my design work was.  We’re still in limbo with whether or not the data can be saved, and until then, I am on hold.

Also, we had some life changes, and I am now homeschooling both of my children.  It is very time consuming and leaves little time for new design.  I have resigned myself to this current situation – my kids HAVE to come first.

Meanwhile, one of my freebie posts has totally exploded – it’s the Adventure Time Freebie.  Lots of people are really happy to find it since, like me, they couldn’t find a commercial product on the market.  People have been overwhelmingly gracious, and I feel like I have made this world a better place.

One question I get asked A LOT is what kind of software to use to do design.  I have the Adobe programs, but not everyone can afford these.  I just found this great article on 12 FREE alternatives to the Adobe suite, and I thought I would pass it along. is a really fantastic resource for backgrounds, graphics and patterns.  This article is the bomb!

Fullscreen capture 2162013 80904 AM.bmp

Hope this helps you, and until I’m back in the swing with things, Party On!


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