Monday’s blog has something free!

Ok, it’s not quite Monday yet, but tomorrow is going to be an extra early, extra busy one for me, so here it is!

This is similar to the Halloween Luminary – it has been so popular that I decided to do another one! This one is a jack-o-lantern luminary. There is a face on the front/back and another face on the sides. I added a bottom to this one because some people expressed an interest in using these as a treat bag. Sorry I don’t have a physical pic of this because I rushed to get it up for Freebie Monday!

Here are the images of the front and sides though!



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Download Jack O Lantern Luminary HERE

Or go to scribd.



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Wednesday’s Blog Has Party Tips 9.15.10

Here’s a great party planning timeline from Birthday in a Box!

But first, here’s a great Halloween craft from fellow blogger Emilie at Not So Idle Hands {via Bloggers Megan and Steph at Crazy Domestic}.

They are jar jack-o-lanterns {or monsters, or anything else you like}!

So cute! Tutorials are at both links above. These will look great in my window this year! I’m thinking I might try to make witches – they are, after all, the angels of Halloween.

Anywho – here’s the party planning timeline for those of you {like me} who love lists!

You are planning a party and want it to be one-of-a-kind, but are unsure where to start. We want to help! The following is a general timeline to get you started. Feel free to follow it exactly, or tweak it to fit the unique personality of the guest of honor!


6 to 8 Weeks Before the Party
Select a date, time and location for the party.
Decide on the number of guests and develop a guest list.
If desired, call to book an entertainer, such as a clown or magician, to occupy children at the party.
Choose a theme for the party.
If you want personalized invitations, place the order so that they arrive at least 3 weeks before the party.

3 to 4 Weeks Before the Party
Prepare invitations and mail or hand-deliver them.
Put your guest list near the phone so you can easily record responses as invitees call to RSVP.
Shop for party supplies.
Ask a favorite babysitter, friend or relative to help out at the party.

2 to 3 Weeks Before the Party
Select 3 – 6 activities to entertain children at the party.
Purchase any supplies needed for the activities you selected.
If serving a meal, decide on the menu.
Order a cake (unless you plan to bake one).

1 Week Ahead
Call any invitees who have not responded.
Decide on the agenda for the party, including the order of your selected activities, what time you want to serve food and/or cake, and if it’s a birthday party, when the birthday boy or girl will open presents.
Try any games or activities with which you are unfamiliar.

2 to 3 Days Ahead
Purchase groceries or any pre-prepared food you plan to serve.
Put the favor bags together.
Charge your video camera and/or put fresh batteries in your regular or digital camera.
Prepare any crafts that can be set up ahead of time.
Bake any cookies or treats that can be made ahead.

The Day Before the Party
Clean the party area. Put away items that may be dangerous or distracting.
Bake or pick up the cake.
If ordering food such as pizza, call to arrange a delivery time.
If necessary, confirm with the entertainer and/or any helpers who you’ve asked to attend.
Sit down with your child and discuss his or her expectations for the next day.

4 to 5 Hours Ahead
Set the table and decorate.
If you are planning a birthday party, put the candles on the cake and place matches nearby.
Get balloons filled/pick up pre-filled latex or Mylar balloons.
If you’re having the party at home, tie some balloons to the mailbox or the front porch to help mark the party location.
Place crafts and prizes near the activity location(s).
Locate paper and a pencil for recording gifts (for thank-you notes).

1 to 2 Hours Ahead
Consider putting your pets in an area away from guests.
Get the birthday boy or girl and all siblings dressed for the party.
Set up the first activity.
Set up the food.

Have a Great Party!

Tomorrow’s blog will be bloggy clips! Can’t wait to see what I’m going to do! :)

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It’s Freebie Monday!

Hey everyone!

It’s freebie Monday! Today’s freebie is to get you ready for the Halloween season. They are free printable postcards and favor tags/minicards.

In exchange for the download, I would love it if you would either follow me here on Blogger, Twitter or “Like” my Facebook page! Leave me a comment if you do, and I will follow you back!

Also, I’m looking for feedback on my new fancy site navigation. Go to Clickable Party and let me know what you think!

Thanks! And have a better Monday!


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Tuesday’s blog has a recipe
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Blog Series! Thursday = Bloggy Clips

We’re starting a new blog series!

Monday’s blog has stuff that’s free
Tuesday’s blog has a recipe
Wednesday’s blog has party tips
Thursday’s blog has bloggy clips
Friday’s blog features someone new
That’s all the blogs – the week is through.

So, today being Thursday, I am featuring our first Bloggy Clips! Our fist one is from our friends at Abigail’s Bake Shop! They are our FAVORITE and make the most DELICIOUS STUFF EVER!

We love this time of year at Abigail’s Bake Shop! Our Halloween Cookie Gift Box will be shipped on Monday, October 25th. Like every year, we can only take a certain amount of orders, so be sure to place your order as soon as possible before we fill up. What does it include?

:9 Letter Cookies (spelling out Halloween)
:2 Bat Cookies
:2 Ghost Cookies
:2 Black Cat Cookies
:5 Mini Polka Dot Cookies

Each cookie is baked with the finest ingredients and decorated with royal icing, fondant, and sanding sugar – they are perfect for your Halloween party, to give out to trick-or-treaters, or as a gift (gift tags are complimentary).

Click HERE to order!

In keeping with the fall theme, our next bloggy clip is from Lizard and Ladybug! This is a great craft idea for your Halloween party!

Another Simple Halloween Idea (favors)

I have more than a few milk jugs from various places. I’ve been able to recycle a few of them and turn them into some cute Halloween decorations. See here and here.

Here’s another idea that I think is really cute (and easy and cheap). Bubbles.
My kids love bubbles. We go through lots (more than normal, I think). WalMart has their summer stuff on clearance. I picked up 2 big bottles the other day for .75 each.
I have a few milk jugs that are clear & I thought it would be cute to use them as bubble bottles. I needed a wand – pipe cleaners! I had a stash of black ones.

While it was drying, I taped a strip of scrapbook paper around the bottle.
I shaped my pipe cleaner and filled the bottle with the bubble solution.
*I know there are tons of homemade bubble solutions..but I chose to take the lazy road.

Use a ribbon to tie on the wand and…..

I spray painted the lid.

These are so easy (the longest part was waiting for the lid to dry) and so versatile.
You can use any size bottle.
If I were making these as party favors, I would use a smaller bottle
- more bubble for you buck.
You can use any paper/ribbon/label/tags.
It really is a great little favor that isn’t too expensive.
And if you’re real crafty..
you can shape your bubble wands into fun shapes
(I’ve mastered round and heart).

Hope you’re enjoying getting ready for some spooky days ahead! Visit back tomorrow for Feature Friday!

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New Freebies Available! {Halloween & Football!}

Pumpkin Heads!

It’s that time of year again! One of my favorite holidays are just around the corner – HALLOWEEN!
I’ve always had a holiday dilemma with Halloween – the decorations.
I don’t like over-spooky, gross looking, slasher kinds of decorations (much to my husband’s dismay).
I don’t like super glitzy glittery decorations because they look cheezy.
I don’t like the ultra-cutsey decorations.
So, what to do?
I tend to try to stick with classic looking decorations, and I love quirky Nightmare Before Christmas styles. Check out these neat pumpkin heads I found while I was out shopping.

Love them! I’m getting inspired! My Vintage Halloween theme is about to be launched. Watch for it on our shop site!